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Penteon & Landmark Dividend Announcement

Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP and Landmark Dividend LLC (Sponsor) Announce a Partnership with Penteon Corporation to Deploy a Nationwide Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) based on LoRa™ technology

El Segundo, California, June [15], 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (the “Partnership”) (NASDAQ: LMRK) and Landmark Dividend LLC (the “Sponsor”), the sponsor of the Partnership, today announced a partnership with Penteon Corporation to deploy a nationwide Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) based on a global open standard called LoRaWAN™ and utilizing the real property interests controlled by the Partnership and Sponsor. Leveraging Penteon’s sensor development, telecommunications and enterprise cloud expertise, the partnership will open a new era in low-cost Smart City solutions for communities, universities, governments and enterprises.

“We are very excited to partner with Penteon in the development of a new national wireless network. The venture with Penteon will allow us to leverage the over 3,000 existing sites under the Partnership and Sponsor for the rollout of a new, nationwide wireless network which will offer a variety of best-in-class Internet of Things (IoT) services for commercial and consumer customers. The new partnership also speaks to the value of our assets which we believe are highly desirable for not only our tenants, but also our strategic partners,” said Tim Brazy, Chief Executive Officer of the Partnership’s General Partner and Landmark Dividend LLC.

“This partnership will enable both small and large scale IoT projects the opportunity to connect to a low- cost, open, carrier-neutral platform which will deliver secure device communications ubiquitously throughout the United States and fuel the explosive growth potential of the next generation of IoT services,” said Clay Perreault, Chief Executive Officer of Penteon.

About Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP
The Partnership is a growth-oriented master limited partnership formed to acquire, own and manage a portfolio of real property interests that the Partnership leases to companies in the wireless communication, outdoor advertising and renewable power generation industries. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, the Partnership owns and manages a diversified portfolio of real property interests, which includes long-term and perpetual easements, tenant lease assignments and fee simple properties, primarily located in the United States.

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About Penteon
Penteon is a globally focused IoT engineering firm possessing a combined 150 years of technology and aerospace industry experience. The company leverages decades of sensor and cloud enterprise expertise to focus on the design and manufacture of hardware, software, telecommunications and intelligent data analytics for IoT applications.

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