Penteon provides wireless connectivity via long range wide area (LPWAN) technology for wireless sensors. Whether your application is a Smart City project, Oil and Gas monitoring, home alarm systems or even small asset tracking like your car or pet, Penteon’s long-range inexpensive network is ideal. Spanning distances up to 15Km, with ultra-low power requirements and cost less than 90% less than cellular networks, the Penteon LoRa network it is ideal for many industrial, municipal, commercial and private remote sensing projects.


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Penteon is deploying wireless LoRa gateways for Smart City, commercial and educational projects throughout North America. These gateways are optimized for both public and enterprise use.

Penteon leverages the unique Radio Frequency Propagation characteristics of industry standard LoRaWAN technologies. Connectivity can be established over 15Km from our wireless points of presence across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the UK.

LoRaWAN technologies offer record setting low-power consumption per bit per km. In many cases a single AA battery can provide sufficient power for a decade or more! Adding small solar panels can extend this indefinitely.


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